Facebook suspends firm AggregateIQ over data scandal

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"Advertisers will be prohibited from running political ads electoral or issue-based until they are authorised, Facebook said, announcing plans to make advertisements on its platform more transparent".

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is making people hyper-aware of how much their private information is available not just to Facebook, but to anyone savvy enough to get it.

Allowing people to go further back in time and delete messages that were expected to be archived could lead misleading conversations in the future.

It turns out that there is a Facebook Messenger unsend feature - but only Facebook elite have access to it.

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A Facebook spokesperson says 33 users in South Africa downloaded the quiz app and the 59,777 were friends of those who would have installed the app elsewhere in the world. "We are now trying to do that", Sandberg also said. Nor did Facebook explain just when it chose to roll out the feature more broadly. Advertisers and third-party apps have flocked to the social media giant because of its vast user data, with Facebook generating profits of nearly $16 billion a year ago. It already has a similar function in Messenger's secret message feature, where messages automatically delete with on a timer that users can set, the company said.

Facebook has been facing significant user backlash over the last few months mostly due to the Cambridge Analytica fiasco that saw data on millions of Facebook users stolen.

Earlier, Zuckerberg had said that Facebook was enhancing its security features to ensure the integrity of upcoming key elections in countries like India on its platform. The project planned to collect personal details, including illness and prescription records, which would be then matched up with user information on the social network.

Zuckerberg assures that in order to require verification for all of these pages and advertisers, Facebook will hire thousands of more people. As a result it's likely to take some time for the full facts to come out. And until this feature is ready, we will no longer be deleting any executives' messages.