Future iPhones Could Have Curved Screens and Touchless Control

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Apple is reportedly working on touches gesture screens that curve, which will be different than all other smartphones in the mobile phone market.

The feature shares similarities with the Air Gestures capability that Samsung Electronics Co.

If you didn't think the iPhone X was a substantial enough shift in terms of design, it looks like Apple has a more significant revamp in store. A curved iPhone may be as little as two to three years away, the person said.

Apparently, Apple is going to achieve another milestone by letting its users to interact with their phones without tapping them. iPhone users will just need to make some gestures to perform certain tasks.

A Google unit is also moving forward with a similar technology codenamed "Project Soli". Unlike the display on the Samsung Galaxy S9, this new iPhone's display will curve from inwards from top to bottom (kind of like a banana). This feature used a motion sensor on the phone's bezel instead of being built into the display. LG G-Flex, launched in 2013, was the first smartphone with "self-healing" flexible display.

The new display would presumably use OLED technology and slightly bend from top to bottom.

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RFPCB is a key part of the iPhone X that connects chips with the display panel. OLED screens can be curved or folded.

Sales of iPhone account for about two-thirds of Apple's total revenue, but it has been the continued growth of Apple Services that put Apple within striking distance of $1 trillion.

Apple's manufacturing partners are gearing up for MicroLED production if news from Taiwan proves to be entirely accurate.

Loyal Apple customers have always a vested interest in the upgrades, be it software or hardware; this has driven Apple to innovate and experiment unceasingly.

Both technologies are in their developing phases, however, consumers should expect the features to arrive in the 2020 or 2021 model years.