DNA Test Reveals Woman's Father Is Actually Parents' Fertility Doctor

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After her DNA sample was tested by Ancestry.com and the results got back to her, Kelli Rowlette cried foul.

If users opt in, Ancestry.com can link them to others with similar DNA.

Ms Rowlette initially dismissed the Ancestry.com test that determined Dr Mortimer was her father, but later found her birth certificate with his signature, the Daily Beast reported.

Rowlette has now filed a lawsuit against the doctor, claiming the fertility specialist knowingly swapped Fowler's semen sample for his own before performing IUI on Ashby over a period of three months.

The parents were "devastated", and "struggled to cope with their own anguish and had difficulty contemplating the torment the discovery would cause their daughter when she found out", according to the lawsuit. Perhaps understatement runs in Health's family. Ultimately this decision was made for the objective of holding the responsible parties accountable for a grievous and damaging violation of that trust.

"While the family understands the public's interest in their story, they ask that their privacy be respected as they focus on the hard process of healing from this trauma".

The couple were having difficultly conceiving a child and became patients of Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates of Idaho Falls and Mortimer, according to court documents.

"Since discovering Dr. Mortimer's actions, Ms. Ashby, Mr. Fowler and Mrs. Rowlette have been suffering immeasurably", the complaint states.

The ratio of genetic material would be 85 percent from Fowler and 15 percent from a donor with characteristics selected by the parents.

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The couple agreed to using donor sperm from a college student.

They paid for the procedure and for access to genetic material that would be used for the procedure.

"She mentioned the confusing results to Ms. Ashby and relayed her disappointment in the unreliability of the service she had thought she was getting from Ancestry.com", the lawsuit says.

Dr Mortimer performed the procedure but allegedly never revealed to their parents that he was using his own sperm.

As a result, "people may learn of unexpected connections" unless they choose to make their DNA match settings private.

According to the lawsuit, Dr Mortimer delivered Ms Rowlette and continued to treat the family for several years, until they made a decision to move to Washington.

According to the lawsuit, Ashby and her husband at the time, Howard Fowler, sought the doctor's help when they had trouble conceiving a child. He had been her doctor for several years following the birth. Ms Rowlette was born in 1981, and later, the couple had a son without any additional medical assistance.

Mortimer could not immediately be reached for comment, and it's not clear whether he has an attorney. The doctor said that part of the problem was her father's low sperm count, but also her mother's tipped uterus.