SCL India worked in Kerala, Bengal in 2007, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower reveals

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A day after disclosing that the Congress was a client of Cambridge Analytica, whistleblower Christopher Wylie on Wednesday exposed more details in connection with Cambridge Analytica's activities in India. He accused the data analytics firm having influenced the result of the United Kingdom's 2016 Brexit referendum and of the 2016 American presidential election that brought Donald Trump to the White House.

The committee said Wylie provided it with documents including a services agreement between AIQ and SCL Elections, Cambridge Analytica's parent company, dated September 2014.

In a tweet, Wylie likened SCL's presence and work in India to "modern colonialism" and posted what can only be described as SCL's "brochure of achievements" in India.

In one section titled 2007 Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, he revealed, "In 2007, SCL India was asked to undertake a research communication campaign to support a trans-national programmer for countering the Non-Desired Behaviour (NDB) of recruitment into, and support of, violent Jihadism".

Slide decks and promotional material released by Wylie show that SCL allegedly influenced elections pan India and across party lines.

"I believe their client was Congress but I know that they have done all kinds of project".

Wylie tweeted that he had been getting a lot of requests from Indian journalists to disclose SCL's past projects in India.

However, he said the main goal of Cambridge Analytica, SCL and other linked companies, was not merely to win elections, but to use their role in those elections to "capture" governments and then use those contacts to change laws and regulations for the benefit of other companies.

Shahmir Sanni
Shahmir Sanni

Christopher Wylie says Cambridge Analytica "don't care whether or not it's legal as long as it gets the job done".

Christopher Wylie has been hailed as "the millennials' first great whistleblower" after revealing the huge Facebook data breach, that tag alone should give you reason to seriously question some of the self promoting fantasy this guy is spinning.

"This includes our lawyers taking action in late 2014 against a number of former staff members who had stolen data and intellectual property from the company".

A Cambridge spokesperson told Channel 4 that it "deleted all GSR data and took appropriate steps to ensure that any copies of the data were deleted..."

SCL, Cambridge Analytica's predecessor, had access to secret UK information and was singled out for praise by the UK Ministry of Defence for the training it provided to a psychological operations warfare group, according to documents newly released by MPs. We challenge you (Bharatiya Janata Party).

Minister Prasad asked Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi, to "explain" the role of Cambridge Analytica in his social media outreach and whether the party had engaged in data trade with the firm.

But Nikhil Pahwa, a technology expert, said that signs that the company worked in India are worrying. Although Facebook said that it stopped the practice that allowed the Trump-linked firm to collect so much personal data from the platform, the episode highlighted popular unease about the site's obtuse privacy settings and vulnerability to scammers, fake news merchants, and other bad actors. Also, lawmakers said that the Facebook co-founder has to appear before US Congress.

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