Cameron Bancroft comes clean on ball-tampering controversy in emotional apology

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"We're satisfied Cricket Australia has dealt with this incident swiftly for the benefit of the game and its fans".

"I'm sorry. I'm absolutely devastated".

"I will regret this for the rest of my life".

Sutherland said: "I want to stress that we are contemplating significant sanctions in each case. The first I saw of it was on that screen", insisted the 48-year-old. "I love the game of cricket, I love entertaining young kids, I love kids wanting to play the great game of cricket that I love", he said. The two other things is that, any time you think about making a questionable decision, think about who you're affecting, you're affecting your parents.

Regarding Lehmann, Sutherland had kind words for a man who has overseen two Ashes victories as well as World Cup glory on home soil. "I am ultimately responsible for the culture of the team and I've been thinking about my position for a while".

Batsman Cameron Bancroft spoke of his shame on his arrival in Perth and former vice captain David Warner, scheduled to land in Sydney later in the evening, took to social media to apologise for his role in the cheating.

In addition, all three players will be required to undertake 100 hours of voluntary service in community cricket.

"My family and I have copped a lot of abuse over the last week and it's taken its toll on them, as many of you sitting in this room will know, life on the road means a lot of time away", Lehmann said.

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"As I've said before, I had no prior knowledge of what happened earlier and do not condone it at all, but good people can make mistakes".

"I've seen first-hand the pride in which he has gone about his work, the love he has for the job, his incredible work ethic and I think one of the things that really strikes me about Darren and his character as a coach is the way that he genuinely cares for and loves his players".

Regardless of your opinion of him, you can't look at this image and say you don't feel slightly bad for Steve Smith.

Cameron Bancroft, the batsman who was caught on camera attempting to use tape and dirt to change the condition of the ball during the third Test against South Africa, has been banned for nine months. "Australian cricket has been in an ivory tower for too long", he said.

Reports in the Australia media estimate the suspensions could cost Smith and Warner 5 million Australian dollars ($3.8 million) each in lost earnings and endorsements.

"I know I'm a role model ... We asked our listeners what we thought about this and we have opened up to them", Deppeler said.

Smith has also been barred from playing in IPL 2018. He confessed that he lied about the Sandpaper and "had panicked in that situation", he told the media.

Several of Cricket Australia's major sponsors, including cereal maker Sanitarium, have said they would await the results of a full investigation into the scandal before deciding on the future of their deals with the governing body.Sanitarium was not immediately available for comment on Thursday.