'Roseanne' returns with a political message for 2018

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ROSEANNE BARR AND JOHN GOODMAN: (Laughter). When it premiered, "Roseanne" broke new ground. What has the Conner family been up to all that time?

Roseanne (8 p.m., ABC)- In the one-hour premiere of this reboot (it counts technically as the Season 10 premiere), Roseanne and Dan (he's magically un-dead now) adjust to living under the same roof with Darlene and her two children.

Instead of the familiar debates about working-class life, or the core focus on the Conner's marriage, season nine of Roseanne occupies its time with intense, scattered, self-conscious self-reflection.

That focus, noteworthy in the '80s when the show entered a relatively small TV universe, is still rare despite the swarm of broadcast, cable and streaming shows. 20 years later, "Roseanne" is back! Thea Chaloner directed today's show.

President Trump was as important a character in the premiere of the "Roseanne" revival as John Goodman.

The lottery win isn't the only change, either - at the end of season eight, Roseanne's husband Dan has a heart attack and almost dies, and then Roseanne leaves him when he comes home and quickly ignores the new diet meant to keep him alive.

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"Well, George Clooney didn't want to come on", she revealed, referencing his pre-"ER" role as Wellman Plastics supervisor Booker Brooks in the show's first four seasons.

Some are not looking forward to the new plot. Because now things are worse.

DAVID BIANCULLI, BYLINE: This new "Roseanne" sitcom is nothing special, but the first one was groundbreaking. She's mostly used to play the most frantic, weird version of Jackie - the striving clown who never knows quite how she sounds to other people. (Ms. Barr has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump.) In his review, James Poniewozik welcomed the show's return, writing, "Like that old couch you can't throw out, it may just have a good year or two left in it". "But then she transforms", Goranson said. But the usually forthright Barr, also a writer and producer on the show, finally dived in. I think we can see some teen angst in that, but it has genuine depth to it.

"This just feels like me. I should not have sent that picture", she said. "It's just how we deal with everything within the group, and we disagree or not it's really not that big a deal", Goodman said. "He said he would shake things up". In one scene, Roseanne explains why she voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. And if familiarity breeds more comfort for viewers, the largely intact cast is there to help. The revision is handled with a wink in the season opener, and Werner offers no apologies for rewriting TV history (as the original "Dallas" did when it turned a character's death into a dream sequence).

"No. I don't care about that", Barr said.