Google upgrades Play app with Instant playing, Arcade mode

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It lets you try out a game without having to download it first.

Sometimes it is onerous to subscribe to websites for premium content, having to enter and re-enter your passwords, user names and credit card numbers each time, and then you need to sign in on each device you own.

Between VR (virtual reality) and AR, it's a no brainer that AR apps will probably get more usage since anyone who has the right phone (that's a lot of people) can use these apps. These include Clash Royale, Words With Friends 2, Bubble Witch Saga 3, Mighty Battles, NYTimes - Crossword, and Paper Football.

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Earlier on Tuesday, the NY and MA attorney generals announced an investigation into Facbook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. While WhatsApp has not commented on the issue, the debate around data privacy and policies on the social network will continue.

The new tech, also known as "Google Play Instant", is open for beta testing, so only a handful, carefully selected devs will be able to access it. In the new "Arcade" tab, one can now check out game video trailers or use tags like "New" or "Action" to find a particular type of game. In time, however, you should start to find nearly all of the Google Play catalogue working in the same way. The new UI changes lets the users to easily preview the apps before downloading. There's absolutely no install time and games run exactly like they would if they had been installed onto your phone.

Additionally, to help users discover new games Google has redesigned our Google Play Games app. The apps can be booted up instantly from their listings in the Play Store or the Play Games app, and you'll be given a sample of the gameplay to try out. Set games will have a lightning bolt and "Play" icon underneath the title and then your game will load nearly instantly. Moreover, Google is also bundling gameplay videos and news related to the gaming title in question.

Instant Apps were first launched back in 2016 and began to roll out the following year. Part of which is demanding developers to ensure that their apps in the Play Store would have to target an API level no more than 1 year older than the current codename release.