Pakistan dropped out of India's WTO meeting says sources

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"Forget aggressive tailing, we've had people throw garbage and spit on our diplomatic vehicles in Islamabad in full view of local police", one official said.

It is pretty normal an ambassador or a High Commissioner in any country to be called.

India had invited Pakistani Commerce Minister Pervaiz Malik to attend the mini-ministerial gathering last month.

In the meantime, Pakistan is considering choices to deal the situation aftermath calling back of its High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood from New Delhi due to alleged harassment of diplomats in India.

Yesterday, India gave Pakistan a note verbale through its high commission in Islamabad, specifically mentioning two incidents of harassment.

India has invited trade ministers of more than 50 nations including the US, China, and Pakistan to converse subjects related to agriculture and services. An Indian officer and his family were followed by bike-borne men on Thursday, March 15, in Islamabad.

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"India sent a note verbale to Pakistan on Friday with seven points highlighting in chronological order incidents of Indian diplomats being harassed", sources told NDTV.

Amid tensions between India and Pakistan over reports of harassment of diplomats, the neighbouring country decided not to take part in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meet which will take place in the national capital next week.

The official justified the move, insisting that under current circumstances it was not possible for the high commissioner to operate out of New Delhi. Meanwhile, New Delhi maintained that it uses diplomatic channels, and not the media, to protest.

"Another Note Verbale was sent today by our High Commission in Islamabad to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan protesting against the intimidation and harassment of Indian High Commission officials", a source said.

Last week, Pakistan accused India of intimidating and harassing its diplomats' children while they were on their way to school.

Official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, Raveesh Kumar, said such consultation between a country's embassy and foreign office are routine processes and there is nothing unusual in this.