Corbyn hits back at poison stance criticism

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The Labour leader paused during his response to Theresa May's Russian Federation statement to say: "I can't understand a word of what the Foreign Secretary said, but his behaviour demeans his office". While the UK, US, France and Germany issued a joint statement yesterday condemning Russian Federation...

The Labour leader has been given security briefings on the incident, but the spokesman said the Government may have more information. "That very strongly is our front bench position". However, also there is a history in relation to weapons of mass destruction and intelligence which is problematic, to put it mildly.

She went on: "May I just though take this opportunity of reminding him that I think he raised a case about Georgina with me last October and hasn't written to me about that particular case". We have two people, the attempted murder of two people, plus a police officer seriously ill and clearly other lives endangers.

Splits have emerged between Mr Corbyn and key members of his shadow cabinet who have unequivocably backed Theresa May's handling of the Salisbury poisoning crisis.

It said: "The leader of the opposition's response to the prime minister was dispiriting".

Labour lawmaker Stephen Kinnock, a critic of Corbyn, said there was "a fundamental need for a debate in our party about our world view".

"It was absolutely freakish that at a time when you had a blatant use of a Russian nerve agent by the Russians on the streets of Salisbury, he didn't find it in his heart to condemn them". "But let us not manufacture a division over Russian Federation where none exists".

He recalled that May had said in her March 12 speech, that either this was a direct act by the Russian state, or that the Russian government had lost control of its "catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others".

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Asked if he could rule out the possibility of Russian Federation being framed, the spokesman said the evidence pointed "overwhelmingly" to the two options set out by the PM. "There can and should be the basis for a common political response to this crime".

Corbyn's stance has reopened a rift between the veteran left-winger - who has spent his career criticizing Western foreign policy - and Labour lawmakers on the center and right of the social democratic party.

Labour former minister Pat McFadden earlier told the Chamber: "Responding with strength and resolve when your country is under threat is an essential component of political leadership".

Ms Griffith's comments were quickly supported by several Labour MPs.

The motion "unequivocally accepts the Russian state's culpability for the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal" and supports the government's response, which included expelling 23 Russian diplomats and cutting off high-level contacts with Moscow.

The PM criticised the Opposition leader's spokesman from the despatch box.

He told reporters: "I was extremely definite yesterday that I totally condemn this attack".

Mr Woodcock said: "This is a time for the nation to speak as one so it was heartening that the overwhelming majority of MPs of all parties spoke so strongly in support of the strong package of measures outlined by the Prime Minister today".