Google adds 'wheelchair accessible' routes on Maps

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Google Maps is helping people to navigate and explore the world by providing directions worldwide, to people who are traveling by auto, bicycle or on foot.

The new option which is available in six cities like London and NY, targets to make travel easier for people who need an accessible route on public transportation. To facilitate physical disabled people Google Maps Introduces Wheelchair Accessible Routes.

At first, the new Google feature would be rolled out to major metropolitan cities globally including London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney.

Under the "routes" section get "wheelchair accessible" as new route type.

Since the feature is only available in those select cities, it's not clear if "wheelchair accessible" routes will also be something that owners of the Google Home voice activated assistant devices will also be able to find by asking "Hey Google, is there a wheelchair accessible route to..."

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In cities such as San Francisco or NY, you can find information online on how wheelchair-accessible the streets and stations are, although it's not exactly easy to navigate those sites.

To use the feature, tap "Directions" and then select the public transport icon.

For now, the accessibility information is limited to public transit routes. It has also collaborated with transit agencies in the cities involved to catalogue the most efficient and best accessible routes.

If you've been wondering why Google Maps asks you about places and their wheelchair access, you finally have an answer.

While there's no exact road plan for a wider rollout, Google said that it is hoping to join forces with more transit companies to add wheelchair accessible routes in more cities around the world in the "coming months".