Once-paralyzed singer tries for American idol, what happens next Special

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The producers, however, put an American Idol logo over the exposed area. Lionel Richie verified to Jimmy Kimmel that even his own kids were squealing with delight as they rooted on favorites and ridiculed their dad. But on Idol, she's quirky in just the right dosage, appears to supportive to other women and receptive to the stream of misfits and sob stories Idol reliably trots out, even respectful because she refuses to sell them false hope. The triplet of talent that came next was truly remarkable. He sings "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran, your basic teenage heartthrob fodder. But in terms of selecting a thoroughly modern singer able to lead, endear and entertain, Katy feels like the smart bet and certainly earns every penny she got. Keep a particular watch out for Griffin, 15, a unicorn who does a mean Paul McCartney while playing piano and belting out The Beatles' "Lady Madonna". William Casanova, 26, is the next artist to audition, and he sings "A Song For You" for the judges. Only one color applied once she finished, wearing braces, rubber bands, and all-gold. The 27-year-old California native totally stole the spotlight during his audition, along with judge Katy Perry's heart - and it's easy to see why.

Katy Perry will be the first to admit she didn't get to the top of the pop music game by her impressive dance skills.

This won't be the only time tonight the trio of judges are simpatico with their decisions on whether or not to send contestants to Hollywood. But Brandon Diaz, whose father emigrated from Cuba so his children could have a better life, sails on through to Hollywood after becoming the second contestant in two nights to successfully take on Allen Stone's "Unaware".

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I have to say this before we go any further: when it comes to music, I find that female singers are generally better than male singers. Lionel Richie almost needed to exit the room to compose himself. Katy had an obvious crush on Trevor, to the point she had to leave the room because he looked "so hot". She broke down in tears at the end of the episode when a paralyzed singer sang "Isn't She Lovely" to his girlfriend. Luke, 41, joked as he and Lionel, 68, rushed over to help Katy get off the ground. The season isn't over yet.

"American Idol" continued its comeback Monday night, as Season 16 of the TV singing contest continued its two-night debut on its new network, ABC. Follow along with our live blog to see which singers the coaches are sending to Hollywood! His weight got up to as much as 390 pounds before he decided to make a change, and find his true worth. Lionel tells her that there are things to tone down but of course she gets a golden ticket.