Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC Release Date Leaked

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The repeatable missions and ease of collaboration with friends and strangers alike struck a chord with gamers, giving Capcom the message loud and clear that there's a demand for such games in the West rather than just in Asian markets. Monster Hunter World's March 22 update brings key changes to a number of Monster Hunter World's weapon types - only the Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun escape untouched.

And speaking of parts, players will now be able to carve up their kills free of interference from griefers, being unaffected by attacks or bombs after you kill the object of the hunt.

Monster Hunter World will receive a major free update on March 22, most notably adding classic monster Deviljho.

We're also getting the first seasonal event in the form of the Spring Blossom Festival, from April 6th to April 19th.

Supposedly Capcom plan to release a more detailed version of these notes when the update arrives on March 22, so stay tuned to VG247 - we'll bring you the full notes when they land.

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Dual Blades: adjustments to help maintain Demon Gauge active.

Other changes being introduced are the ability to edit your character's look - it seems as though you will only be able to do this once, however, with additional changes available by purchasing tickets. This voucher will be available for free in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Game Store, but it is a one-time use token, so please use it wisely. You can also now no longer be hit by fellow players' attacks while carving. In the meantime, please know that our team in Japan is hard at work monitoring player behavior and feedback, and we hope these changes will make for a better and smoother hunting experience.

Are you excited for this new slate of content for Monster Hunter: World?

Added "Return to Gathering Hub" (single player) and "Disband & Return to Gathering Hub" (multiplayer) to the options for "Select Return Destination" after a quest has been completed.Added the "Text Size" setting for changing subtitle text size, under Start Menu Options Game Settings.