Did Taylor Swift's New Video Copy This Perfume Ad?

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There are a few differences, of course: Margaret mostly performs to an audience of none, while Taylor dances through an unseeing crowd.

Throughout all of the joyous, lovably dorky secret dancing, I couldn't help but think of another iconic pop video centering on a woman at the height of her powers letting the world know that actually, things aren't always as great as they appear.

Months after Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video caught flak for ripping off Beyoncé, the singer has ruffled a new set of feathers after debuting the clip for her single "Delicate".

Meanwhile, Swift's music video - directed by her frequent collaborator Joseph Kahn - also appears to have borrowed inspiration from Fatboy Slim's 2000 music video for "Weapon of Choice", starring Christopher Walken.

Taylor Swift shows off her dancing skills in her music video for "Delicate".

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Needless to say, many diehard Swift fans have already started decoding the video because it's no secret that Swift doesn't just make music videos for the hell of it.

Christopher Walken famously starred in this legendary Fatboy Slim video, in which the actor shows off some otherworldly dance moves in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles.

Like a breath of fresh air, she unleashes her true personality that she fakes on the spotlight and even goes barefoot.

By opting out - of the fame game, interviews, paparazzi chase downs and more - she, like Beyoncé and others, are remaking what it means to be an A-lister in 2018. One person wrote, "OMG guys Joe is the one who hands Taylor the note which makes her invisible- he wants her to be happy and content with herself when no one is watching AND when they are".

"Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?"
This could easily be accidental but whatever the case Swift has fans that stand by her no matter the outcome.