Russian Federation successfully launched powerful new missile

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Putin had said the Kinzhal missile can fly at 10 times the speed of sound and can overcome air defence systems.

Video released by the ministry showed a military jet taking off carrying a large missile before launching it mid-flight. The officials said the test was a success and that the missile hit its intended target.

Russian Federation said on Sunday it had successfully test-fired a hypersonic missile, one of a range of next-generation weapons unveiled by President Vladimir Putin in his state-of-the-nation address earlier this month.

But U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said the hypersonic missile and other weapons Putin claimed are in the pipeline do not change Moscow's position.

Putin said Washington unilaterally withdrew from the agreement under former President George W. Bush to advance its missile technology, but Moscow has made sure that its strategic weapons can get past any modern USA system.

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Vladimir Putin said a new Russian missile was the "ideal weapon". Cruise speed is 2.35 Mach with a combat range of 1450 km.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the southern military district has had possession of the missile since the beginning of December.

"Crews of the air system on the testing air alert sorties completed over 250 flights year-to-date under the combat training plan".

"I saw no change to the Russian military capability, and each of these systems he [Putin] is talking about that are still years away, I did not see them changing the military balance", Mattis told reporters in Oman.

According to the ministry, the tactical and technical characteristics and timing indicators of the Kinzhal high-precision airborne missile system were confirmed during the launch. "It doesn't change anything other than how much money do they want to spend on something that does not change at all the strategic balance", he said.