India will generate 100 GW of solar power by 2022, says Modi

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Speaking to reporters later, T S Tirumurti, secretary (economic relations), Ministry of External Affairs, said that the solar technology mission announced by Modi was a "path breaking initiative" with an global focus to "take the lead internationally in solar energy development". The joint goal is to have 1 TW of solar energy by 2020 for which "we need $1,000 billion", he said.

He said the ISA should help small enterprises in small countries to help them mobilize projects and finances.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi - who has committed to reducing India's sizeable carbon footprint through a massive scale-up in renewable energy - said it was vital that nations were not priced out.

Speaking at the plenary session of the conference, Modi said there should be a full ecosystem for availability and development of technology, economic resources, development of storage technology, mass manufacturing and innovation.

With this, India and France together would be challenging the companies of China, the pioneer of ISA.

Expressing his huge happiness and lauding the efforts of Solar Mamas, he said, "Our solar mamas did not wait for us".

The ISA is a treaty based body which intends to promote solar energy in the 121 tropical countries.

India on Sunday hosted the first International Solar Alliance (ISA) conference in New Delhi to explore ways of enhancing international cooperation in producing sustainable and clean energy.

Conceptualised by India, the solar alliance now has 121 member countries.

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He said India has launched the "world's biggest renewable energy programme with a target to generate 175 GW of electricity from renewable sources".

"The other countries like United States and China are among also prospective 121 countries under the ISA".

ISA aims at tapping solar energy in sunshine-rich countries that lie partially or fully between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

"Macron, who did not mention Trump by name, was referring to a group of women who were trained as solar engineers".

"The one trillion dollars needed for solar investments globally in the coming years will obviously not come from governments alone". As much as 20-50 percent of the population do not have access to power. An Indian government release said that the ISA signed joint financial partnership declarations with the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Green climate fund (GCF), and the New Development Bank (NDB) durign the founding.

The Prime Minister said of the 121 countries associated with ISA, 61 have joined the alliance and 32 have ratified the Framework Agreement. It is the first treaty-based global body to be headquartered in India.

Addressing the summit in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Macron said, "Mr Prime Minister, You made a dream and we did it".

Regulatory aspects as well as standards have to be framed which will expedite adoption of solar solutions, Modi said, adding that consultancy support has to be development for putting up bankable solar projects in developing countries.

But the efforts of governments were not enough to achieve the 2030 goal and private sector industry, worldwide institutions and civil society would have to join in, Macron added.