Kenyan president and opposition leader meet in bid to heal divisions

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Madaxweynaha Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta iyo hogaamiyaha Mucaaradka ah ee Raila Odinga ayaa markii ugu horeysay wada kulmay tan iyo doorashadii ka dhacday dalkaasi.

"Elections come and go but Kenya remains; so as we must plan for the future, a future that will not be dictated by the forthcoming elections", said Kenyatta.

He later met with President at State House where he stated the U.S. was interested in widening its investment in Kenya as well as strengthening the bilateral and trade relations between the two countries.

He called Odinga "his brother" on Friday and promised "we will begin a process of bringing our people together" after the elections.

"The time has come for us to resolve our differences".

Hogaamiyaha Mucaaradka Kenya Mr.Odinga ayaa dhankiisa sheegay in la joogo waqtigii la xalin lahaa dhibaatada ama khilaafka u dhexeeyaa isaga iyo Kenyatta.

Known for his anti-Jubilee policies, Koigi is popular for his scathing attacks and condemnations against the government, a characteristic also shared by the former Prime Minister.

President Kenyatta was sworn in for a second term last November.

The US has been very critical of both Kenyatta and Odinga, Soi noted.

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A joint statement signed by Kenyatta and Odinga identified key areas that will be at the center stage of their new mission to promote national healing.

"We really want to give them the credit".

Another man, Philip Ndung'u, also seemed encouraged by the leaders' meeting.

Tillerson said Washington looks forward to seeing successful implementation of the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) because it offers a big market in which the USA wants to engage.

Mr Odinga boycotted the repeat election in October, saying adequate electoral reforms had not been made.

He said he is keen to see an increasing footprint of USA companies and businesses that have chosen to establish their regional bases in Kenya.

Speaking during a media briefing after arriving in Nairobi on Friday evening, Tillerson said the reconciliation of the two leaders was a great milestone as far as Kenya's unity is concerned.

He said the security situation is still dependent on AMISOM and Somalia partners, and that the planned UN/AU withdrawal of AMISOM by 2020 needs to be carefully reviewed.