Cop Accused of Beating, Choking Suspected Jaywalker

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The statement added that the city council would be calling for an audit of the Asheville Police Department and the staff's decision-making process related to its failure in notifying council members about the incident.

A North Carolina city has asked that all police body camera footage of a white officer beating a black man accused of jaywalking past year be released.

The city of Asheville has been roiled over the last week-and-a-half by police footage that shows an officer beating, choking, and using a Taser on a man who was stopped for jaywalking.

The shocking footage, filmed last August and leaked at the end of February, has prompted an FBI investigation, with Asheville Police confirming this week Hickman no longer works there.

Johnnie Rush was beaten, chocked and tasered after jaywalking in North Carolina.

Next, the city will ask a judge to release additional footage from the scene that night showing the other officers who were present.

In the footage, the officer is seen exiting his vehicle, and after exchanging a few words with Rush, things get heated up, and the officer is seen subduing the victim.

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Rush accuses the officers of harassing him, and Hickman orders him to put his hands behind his back.

Hickman, 31, was charged with assault by strangulation, assault inflicting serious injury and communicating threats, according to a release from Buncombe County District Attorney's Office.

At a certain point Rush endeavors to run, and Hickman says "You recognize what's interesting is you will get f - ed up no-nonsense". The criminal investigation into Hickman's actions did not start until after he resigned, and wrapped up a week after the video of the beating was leaked to the Asheville Citizen-Times, which first published it and made the incident public.

Hickman resigned from the department sometime before january 19, according to a memo obtained by the Citizen Times. Police Chief Tammy Hooper did not try to defend Hickman's behavior and admitted her department is under scrutiny. Patty McQuillan, spokeswoman for the State Bureau of Investigation said that a federal probe was launched into the actions of Hickman on August 25, 2017. "I'm exhausted", Rush tells the officer. Rush was taken to the hospital following the tense encounter, where he accused Hickman of being abusive toward him and using a racial slur, the Citizen Times reported.

The FBI are now investigating the incident.

BUSH: He has spoken to The Asheville Citizen-Times a few times again.

Agents have since interviewed Rush as part of the preliminary investigation and will decide whether to launch a full investigation.