Former Trump Aide Announces He Won't Testify Before Mueller Grand Jury

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"The Russians and Trump did not collude", Nunberg told the Post. White House officials on Monday attacked his credibility and characterized his media appearances as unhinged.

Nunberg, who was sacked from the campaign in 2015 over racially charged social media post, received a subpoena to testify Friday before Robert Mueller's Russian Federation grand jury about his correspondence with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.

But later on Monday night, Nunberg told Associated Press that, in the end, he's likely "going to end up cooperating with them".

But Nunberg said in a separate interview with MSNBC that he thinks Mueller may have assembled some damaging evidence against Trump.

Still, Nunberg maintained that the document request laid out in the subpoena was "extremely time consuming" and said he had no regrets about his very public defiance.

"Screw that", he told Gloria Borger on CNN.

"I don't know what he is looking into", he told CNN.

Nunberg faces serious legal jeopardy - Susan McDougal was jailed in 1996 for 18 months for refusing to answer grand jury questions about Bill Clinton.

"It is incredibly risky and it's also such a bad idea to do it so publicly", she said of Nunberg's public pronouncements. A lot of other people are. "It's the biggest joke to ever think Donald Trump colluded with the Russians". Because he chose to give an interview to Lester Holt the day after he fired James Comey and then he made a decision to have the Russians in the Oval Office.

"If it were me, I would", Tapper responded, telling Nunberg: "Sometimes life and special prosecutors are not fair, I guess".

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Nunberg also said that it was the "biggest joke" that Trump himself had colluded with Russian Federation, a point he echoed to the Post.

"I think it would be amusing if they arrested me", Nunberg said on MSNBC.

"Well I have not had a drink", Nunberg replied.

"No, besides my meds", Nunberg said.

Sanders opened her press briefing, at which Shulkin did not appear to be in attendance, by declaring that "transforming the department of Veterans Affairs has been one of the President's top priorities", and adding that "accountability is being restored".

After spending hours on television Monday, Nunberg ended the phone interview after just three minutes, saying he needed to return to the arduous task of organizing the emails the special counsel asked him to provide via a written subpoena.

"I think it would be amusing if they arrested me", he said live on the phone with MSNBC shortly after the Post story broke.

It was a reversal from his tone throughout the day, when he lashed out at Trump and his campaign and threatened to defy Mueller in a series of interviews.

"First of all, they sent me a subpoena where they ask after November 1st of 2015 did I communicate with Carter Page (and) Corey Lewandowski", the latter serving as the US President's campaign manager until his firing in June 2016.

Nunberg was an early Trump adviser, but they parted ways early in the campaign. "He was talking about it a week before... Do you think I'm going to jail?" he asked the room as MSNBC host Ari Melber closed out the segment. Nunberg seemed not to care about how the chips would fall.