Amazon says it will no longer sell Nest products

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Amazon and Google's cold war is entering a whole new phase, with the former now taking strides to ensure that none of Nest's products are sold through its platform.

The ongoing battle between Google and Amazon has just taken another turn, after the online retail giant announced it wouldn't stock future products from Nest. In response, Nest opted to cease selling its older wares through Amazon, which should disappear once stock runs out (as of this writing, several Nest products are still listed, though several of them have warnings of low stock).

It's last call for Google's Nest users to buy their products on Amazon.

The report says that Amazon representatives told Nest that the decision "came from the top", which implies this goes all the way up to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, though no report has concluded that with any certainty.

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Amazon has refused to sell some Google products, like the Google Home voice assistant speaker and Pixel smartphones. To date, Amazon has dominated the voice-controlled speaker market with its Echo devices, which were projected to hold more than 70% of the us market in 2017.

The move comes at the time when the two firms are competing to control the market of the connected home devices. It's unclear whether third-party sellers will continue selling Nest gadgets, but Amazon itself will not. It's also moving big into smart home products, like its $US1 ($1) billion acquisition of doorbell company Ring. But officially, Nest will probably be gone from Amazon in a few months' time.

Basically, both want to monitor customers' smart home usage and try to snatch up as much auditory information as possible while they're there via smart speakers that can listen in on verbal commands, all in the hopes of building better ad profiles.

Google has removed YouTube from Amazon's Fire TV streaming products and the Echo Show / Spot, asserting that Amazon broke its terms of service with those executions of the YouTube app for its part in this disagreement.