'Black Panther' tops North American box office with $65.7M

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It should do well enough to take second place, but I can't see it beating BLACK PANTHER.

Black Panther continues to dominate and set records at the box office.

But going into the project, a two-year collaboration, was a bit of a risk, given the conservative tendencies of the Lexus brand and the ever-present danger of a heavily hyped movie falling flat.

Annihilation follow's last weekend's disappointing opening with a 49% decline to $5.6 million and $20.6 million after two weeks. Both sites measure critic reviews differently which causes the disparity in scores. They gave Red Sparrow a middling "B" on CinemaScore.

Discussing topics like diversity, tradition and worldwide cooperation, Black Panther breaks more barriers than just the make-up of its cast. In fact, seven of the top eleven blockbusters are from the Mouse House which is already planning out its box office dominance over the years ahead with an impressive calendar of titles it just announced leading into 2023. Black Panther also marks the first predominately black team to helm a superhero film.

The hero is black, the cast is black and the director, Ryan Coogler, is black.

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Starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o and Angela Bassett in lead roles, Black Panther is now playing in theaters. The Feb. 16 premiere of the movie came soon after the launch of Lexus' redesigned flagship LS sedan, with a tee-up from a Black Panther-themed Super Bowl ad for Lexus. His character is forced to adapt his new kingdom and fight for the throne over the course of the motion picture.

"Black Panther" is an awesome movie and is the best movie of the year thus far. It is possible to have a movie where women are just as, if not more, powerful than men and no one has to question it. He displays strength and, although he's a little twisted, is a very sympathetic character.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as Black Panther closes in on the $1 billion dollar mark and looks to join the likes of Avatar, Star Wars and Harry Potter in cinematic history.

The film centers around T'Challa, the heir to the fictional Kingdom of Wakanda, a technologically advanced African empire hidden from the outside world. She is also a fully capable warrior.

"Black Panther" is a work of art that must be watched. Wakanda itself is also beautifully realized and imagined.