New Lawsuit Exposes Google's Desperation to Improve Diversity

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Google has been sued by a former YouTube employee for allegedly pressuring recruiters to only look for female and Latina applicants and that the video-sharing platform had previous year stopped hiring White and Asian males for technical positions.

Wilberg's lawsuit alleges that he faced discrimination from Google over his sex and race and retaliated against his complaints by firing him, violating antidiscrimination laws in the process. "We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity", Google's spokesperson said.

Further, she stated that the company is not hesitant in accepting that they look for a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, and this helps them in hiring the best people, improve culture and build better products.

The Wall Street Journal, in reporting on Wilberg's lawsuit, noted that "people familiar with YouTube's and Google's hiring practices" corroborated both the hiring freeze and the use of quotas. Google launched an investigation into YouTube's hiring practices in 2016, but recruiting managers allegedly tried to cover up the practices in question, including asking recruiters to delete emails and references to tracking a candidate's diversity status.

Wilberg's suit, filed January 29, states that he worked for seven years at Google, including time on the team for tech staffing at YouTube, the company's video-streaming unit.

About two months ago, former Google engineer James Damore made headlines after filing a lawsuit against the huge tech company for allegedly discriminating against white male conservatives.

The Google diversity hiring wars rage on.

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The problem is that mandatory quotas based on gender or ethnicity may violate USA anti-discrimination laws, depending on how they're implemented. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying merely said in Beijing Friday that China urges the U.S. to follow trade rules.

These lawsuits come amid the rising debate over the efforts from the technology firms to raise the dismal numbers of women, African Americans and Hispanics in the workforce.

One person, referring to the initiative, reportedly "complained that managers were speaking about blacks like they were objects". Wilberg says he complained about the practices and was ultimately fired in November.

He also alleges Google subjected him "to unsubstantiated performance reviews, performance criticisms and [terminated] his employment".

Google has denied the company implemented discriminatory policies toward Caucasian and Asian men. James Damore, who was sacked after criticizing Google's diversity efforts, filed a class-action lawsuit against the company in January.

Finally, a Department of Labor official has also accused Google of practicing "systemic" discrimination against female employees.