Hollywood prepares for the Academy Awards

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Three red billboards in LA - an allusion to the Oscar-nominated film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" - urge stars to "name names" when they get up on stage on Sunday night. But for best picture, the Academy members rank all of the nominees. The drama was not nominated by the four Hollywood guilds, portending a possible Oscar shutout.

It's time to study up for the Oscars and that means watching all the 2018 Oscar nominations streaming on Netflix.

"Logan", best adapted screenplay: Starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, this entry in the X-Men franchise earned critical love for its refusal to fall back on exhausted genre tropes. You've got to be able to be witty enough to walk that line.

The process for Best Actress nominees could apparently have begun months ahead, around October, when the nominations were announced.

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the awards will continue to acknowledge the most significant achievements in film, but serious precautions have been made to ensure that last years' Best Picture mix-up never happens again. And putting on an awards show is simply a notoriously hard task, constantly plagued by the possibility that a monologue will be felled by a bad joke, or that presenters will reveal bad chemistry. No women are nominated for best score or visual effects this year. And we started off talking about which of the best picture nominees might nab the award.

Cinematography: Roger Deakins finally wins, for "Blade Runner 2049". The fact that "The Disaster Artist" was a satirical film about a bad film might have hurt his chances with the academy. Hulu also will have the ceremony available to stream one day later. Oscar bingo, the Oscars Challenge, or some other fun party games with a showbiz twist. His other five nods were for original song.

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And "Dunkirk" will go three for eight, winning Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing. "The last thing I want to do is ruin that for someone who is, you know, nominated for, you know, best leading actress or best supporting or best director or cinematographer or whatever, by making it unpleasant".

"Jane": This documentary by Brett Morgen about the beloved primatologist Jane Goodall had all the markings of an Oscar hit. "But 99 percent of the show went pretty well". He's delivered many knockout performances as a character actor for years, and "Three Billboards" is right up there among his top work.

One way to change things, she said, is for directors to insist on working with female supervisors.

It has emerged as one of the more influential films of its time. This has little to do with my own fairly negative feelings about this year's contender, queer film du jour, Call Me By Your Name-I'd be just as pissed if BPM or God's Own Country got the "it's the new Moonlight" treatment-and more with a rhetoric that claims to adore cinema, but may in fact adore the idea of its prestige even more. A different ending would have defined them, and it would have been a disservice to the story. The show revisits moments from Oscars past and features a first look inside the under-construction Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Museum. Holly Hunter was expected to get a supporting actress nomination, but was also left out. Or maybe one of the splashier films like "Dunkirk" or "Get Out". Nolan is in pursuit at 20 to 1, first-timers Greta Gerwig at 40 to 1 and Jordan Peele at 50 to 1, while Paul Thomas Anderson trails in last at 80 to 1. And because the academy can only recognize films that have been released in theaters, the gender-based disparity among Oscar nominees reflects how vastly underrepresented women are in Hollywood.

At the 2017 event, Kimmel brought in folks on a bus tour and introduced them to the celebrities in the front rows.