New Battlefield Reportedly Titled Battlefield V

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The studio had been referring to the game as Battlefield 2 internally, thus indicating that Battlefield 1 was a reboot for the franchise in more ways than previously believed.

This is an entirely new Battlefield game and not a remaster of the 2005 Battlefield 2.

If the next Battlefield game does take place during World War II, it will be the first time since 2009 that a main Battlefield entry has ventured to that particular time period (Battlefield 1943). The sources from whom we're receiving this information understandably wished to remain anonymous, but at this point it doesn't really matter. This much at least lines up with rumors we reported on back in December, when popular Battlefield YouTuber AlmightyDaq uploaded a video about DICE's plans for the franchise. They knew they wanted to get away from the modern and near-future settings for a while, but it also didn't want to burn the WWII setting right away.

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While AlmightyDaq's sources said Bad Company 3 was scheduled for 2019, GamesBeat's reporting suggests that game - if it exists at all - is probably still a long way off. Of course, that wasn't the case - Battlefield I finished 2016 as the No. 2 best-selling game in the United States, according to the industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. However, DICE is still interested in making the sequel, so fingers crossed something comes into fruition in the near future.

GamesBeat reports that DICE's next Battlefield game is titled Battlefield V and will be set in WWII.

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