AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR bumps up a week to April 27th

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Anyway, Avengers: Infinity War releases in North America on May 4th, 2018.

To recall, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) called out Peter Parker to join the Avengers at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Yes, you heard right, Avengers: Infinity War will have an earlier release date.

It should be noted that the 27th of April release date is date that the movie was set to premiere in the United Kingdom, although sometimes this is the case where movies are shown in other parts of the world ahead of a USA release.

The studio has confirmed at least two more films for the local market this year: superhero mashup "Avengers: Infinity War", slated for release in April, and "Ant-Man and the Wasp", which does not have a release date yet.

As part of the campaign, cast members will take a creative picture or video with new Avengers: Infinity War toys and post it to social media using the hashtag #HeroActs.

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Thanks to Robert Downey Jr., the movie's release date has officially been moved up a full week.

That idea is interesting to note because it looks like Avengers: Infinity War will lay plenty of groundwork in addition to paying off the first three phases. Honestly, it's smarter to get the Marvel Cinematic Universe tentpole away from Deadpool 2 and Solo - allowing the Avengers sequel to have longer legs at the theater, and rake in as much box office love as possible.

We can probably expect tickets for Avengers: Infinity War to go on sale soon.

The trailer in question showcased Iron man's new suit, Captain America's new shield as well as Superman's new suit.

For months now, there have been hints that Thanos will have some serious tricks up his sleeve - including rumours of big returns for some veteran MCU villains - but now it seems we have confirmation of an entirely different mystery baddie.

ALSO NOTE: The image you see above is a poster made by CamWin. The $34.99 action figure has Infinity War-based light effects and almost two dozen sounds and phrases.