The Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv was Vandalised with Drawn Swastikas

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Polish MP Michal Kaminski has his "fingers crossed" that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki "is being stupid and not ruthless", after recent comments and actions regarding Holocaust memory that have upset Jews worldwide, as well as Israeli leaders.

A Polish government spokesperson sought to clarity Morawiecki's comments, insisting they were not "intended to deny the Holocaust, or charge the Jewish victims of the Holocaust with responsibility for what was a Nazi German perpetrated genocide".

Israeli historians say it's part of an ongoing campaign to blur the lines between the murderers and the victims of the Holocaust.

On Saturday (17 February), Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki suggested that Jews were among the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

Netanyahu's office said he told Morawiecki that "a comparison between the activities of Poles and the activities of Jews during the Holocaust is unfounded".

Mr Morawiecki's spokeswoman said his remarks should be interpreted as a honest call for open discussion of crimes committed against Jews during the Holocaust, regardless of the nationality of those involved in each crime.

The Israeli premier, who like Morawiecki was in Munich for a global security conference, laid into his opposite number in a terse telephone call on Sunday over his remark the previous day that the Holocaust had involved "Jewish perpetrators" as well as Polish ones.

Swastikas and profanities were daubed on the entrance to Poland's embassy in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

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"We did not expect the Polish Prime Minister to say such things", Goldschmidt said.

Polish President Andrzej Duda recently signed into force a contested law which could impose a jail term on anyone who accuses Poland of being complicit in Nazi German crimes.

The U.S. State Department called on Poland to review the law, as it could affect Polish strategic interests and relations, including with the United States and Israel.

Some three million Jews who lived in pre-war Poland were murdered by the Nazis, accounting for about half of all Jews killed in the Holocaust.

"My heart has been broken for the last two weeks", Michael Schudrich, Poland's chief rabbi, told private Radio Zet on Monday.

Netanyahu said he agreed that the Nazi regime initiated the Holocaust and built concentration camps such as Auschwitz, instrumental for the German regime's extermination of millions, but erected on invaded soil, outside Germany. While many hundreds of thousands of Poles died during the occupation, and many resisted the Nazis through underground armies, others willingly turned on their Jewish neighbors, whether out of fear, greed or anti-Semitism.

"My position is that there were acts of collaboration of the Jewish people with the Soviet army when the Soviet army came to Poland", Kaminski said at the time.

"I deeply believe in the friendship between the Polish and Jewish nations", he said, adding that the Poles must "tell the truth and apologize" when necessary.