Skier performs zero tricks to finish last in halfpipe

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"The field is not that deep in the women's pipe and she went to every World Cup, where there were only 24, 25, or 28 women", a veteran FIS judge said of Swaney to the Denver Post.

Then she just waited until a few women fell and crashed at those events, so she didn't end up dead last, and it finally happened in December.

Korea entered 19-year-old Kyoungeun Kim in women's aerials earlier in the Games, the first skier from the host country to take on the event at the Olympics.

"I still want to inspire people to get involved with athletics or a new sport or a new challenge at any age in life", she said. She found a loophole where if she completed runs without falling, she could get enough points to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Swaney's scheming her way into the competition has apparently peeved other athletes, sources told the Denver newspaper, but let's hand it to her for shameless perseverance.

The lowest qualifying score was 72.80, several lightyears away, but the Californian Silicon Valley worker still said, "I didn't qualify for finals so I'm really disappointed", without a shred of irony after the event.

On Monday, Swaney competed in the ladies' ski halfpipe, coming in last place with a high score of 31.4 after two runs down the halfpipe.

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However it's hard to work out whether it is extremely admirable, or extremely annoying, that she actually managed to achieve her goal as watching her slowly and steadily meandering up and down the halfpipe, performing absolutely no tricks and generally resembling a spider attempting to clamber out of a bathtub.

So, you may be asking yourself. exactly how does a skier that average and that boring make it all the way to Olympics?

However, Swaney still hopes to inspire others who might be intimidated by the prospect of skiing up and down the steep walls of the halfpipe.

I'm serious about her LinkedIn profile. That means some top skiers get left out in the cold: The U.S. had six skiers finish in the top 20 in Olympic qualifying, but only the top four made it. "So I couldn't be proud dealing some pins with some insane exotic country and being giving (criticism) to this girl that is trying to get into the Olympics".

Sharpe, who will go last in the finals and revels in pushing the boundaries each time she drops in, isn't sure being competitive should matter. Oh, and she says her grandparents are Hungarian. She may be one of the worst competitors of all time but she deserves a gold medal for working the system.

"I want to show others that freestyle skiing is possible and it is never too late to get into this sport, and to help others to dream and to progress the sport in Hungary".