Playboy Playmate Claims She Had Affair With President Donald Trump

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"Karen McDougal, in this written document, stresses that her relationship with Donald Trump was entirely consensual, but her story reveals commonalities with story after story that has now emerged about Donald Trump's either consensual relationships with women or alleged non-consensual advances", said Ronan Farrow, the reporter who broke the story for the New Yorker.

The fresh allegations by Playboy model also state that Donald Trump had an affairs with the porn star Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels, in the time period.

After they had intercourse, McDougal said that Trump tried to pay her.

The Enquirer, run by Trump friend David Pecker, has consistently run stories favorable to Trump.

The 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year tells the magazine she regrets signing a contract that limits what she can say. She reportedly wrote that an affair between Trump and adult film actress Stormy Daniels, which he has denied, began while he and McDougal were together as well.

The White House did give the New Yorker the following statement: "This is an old story that is just more fake news". All three also say they were escorted to the bungalow by Keith Schiller, a longtime Trump bodyguard who left his job in September as the director of Oval Office operations and deputy assistant to the president.

"He offered me money", McDougal continued.

Melania and Trump landed in Florida just hours after the Playboy model Karen McDougal revealed that she had a sexual relationship with the United States president in 2006.

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He then started having sex with one of them, and then encouraged her to call in a fake bomb threat to relieve her boredom. A friend of the accuser told the investigators that she had also been at the teacher's apartment.

McDougal told Farrow she is a Republican and had hesitated to tell her story, "because she feared that other Trump supporters might accuse her of fabricating it, or might even harm her or her family".

As the former real estate mogul gave McDougal a tour of Trump Tower, he pointed out Melania Trump's separate bedroom.

Former senior editor Jerry George said that Pecker buys and kills stories all the time and protects Trump.

In a tell-all book about the Trump presidential campaign, his two former aides dive into his food habits.

"I know it's a different circumstance, but I just think I feel braver", she added, and doesn't recommend other women sign agreements limiting their freedom of speech.

It should be noted that, by this time, Trump had been married to now-First Lady Melania Trump for less than two years and their son, Barron, was only a few months old.

Trump was obsessed with his accomplishments, sending McDougal favorable articles about his businesses and showering her with merchandise from his golf courses, according to Farrow's article. She's quoted in the New Yorker piece saying: "Every girl who speaks is paving the way for another".

The affair ended in part after Ms McDougal started feeling guilty about it and after Mr Trump made an offensive comment about her mother's age as well as a vulgar remark about the anatomy of black men, the magazine reported.