A timeline of the Patrick Brown saga

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Patrick Brown's entry into the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race could lead to ruthless infighting, leaving the party at a disadvantage, experts say.

Granic Allen, an outspoken critic of the Liberals' updated sex-education curriculum, pulled no punches during the debate, attacking Brown as a "corrupt leader" who alienated grassroots members with social conservative views and "left the party in tatters". However, he said, he did not want anything to stand in the way of the PC Party's "mission to defeat [Premier] Kathleen Wynne" in the provincial election in June. This demonstrates that if we are to attain true gender equality, we still have a long way to go.

Patrick Brown stepped down as head of the center-right Progressive Conservatives after broadcaster CTV News reported that two women had accused him of sexual misconduct.

He dared the women to take their allegations to police, said CTV had defamed him and vowed to sue the network, while private investigators worked for his lawyers to ferret out facts.

"Shortly after becoming interim leader, I asked Patrick Brown to step aside from the PC caucus", interim leader Vic Fedeli said in a brisk statement Friday morning.

Brown's entrance into the race has been panned by the candidates aiming to lead the party.

"In the court of public opinion and among the many journalists I've spoken to, these allegations are now seen for what they are - fictitious and malicious", the former Ontario PC leader posted Thursday on his Facebook page. He says his name has been cleared and he wants to focus on getting Ontario back on track. Brown told Global News during a half-hour segment that aired Thursday evening that the statement released shortly after 1 o'clock on the morning of January 25, saying he had resigned, was "sent out without my permission".

"With fewer than 100 days, now is a time for unity. I am the leader that can unite the party and beat Kathleen Wynne". Marie MPP, both indicated on social media their support for Brown.

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Amid confusion over whether Patrick Brown formally resigned as Progressive Conservative leader, the Star has exclusively obtained a recording of him doing just that.

After an emotional press conference that evening in which Brown "categorically" denied the allegations, a number of Brown's top aides resigned en masse and party senior staff advised him to step down.

In Brown's hometown of Barrie, many voters say they're standing by him. I was shocked it was sent out without even an opportunity to see it.

"Ask anyone about an important event in their life, calendar dates are not printed on the bottom of those memories like they are on digital cameras", he said.

Nelson Wiseman, a political science professor at the University of Toronto, said the outcome of the executive review is uncertain at best. "I will remain on as a MPP while I definitively clear my name from these false allegations".