There's a new bug crashing iPhones

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"If the character is displayed within an application, the app in question will crash and will continue to close each time you try to start it".

The bug, spotted by the Italian blog Mobile World, involves sending an Indian language character (Telugu) to the victim. When tested on third-party apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Gmail, the bug was found to have affected all these applications soon after a message containing the faulty character was received. The Verge reports that Telegram and Skype are unaffected.

The problem also affects the software which powers Mac computers, Apple Watches and Apple TV devices.

A new iOS bug that displays an unusual Indian symbol is having a devastating effect on some Apple gadgets, causing iPhones to crash and disabling access to iMessages and WhatsApp. However, the exact time frame still remains unclear.

Basically any app where you can input text is affected by this bug.

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The character above can also crash the entire iPhone if the symbol appears in a notification card or banner, forcing you to restart the phone.

According to Axios, Apple is transforming its original software plans for this year to focus on addressing the performance and quality issues many users have been complaining about. This bug has caused apps like Messages to crash on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, causing frustration for many users.

If you get the character in iMessage, the fix is to simply receive another text message.

As apps try and fail to load the character, users can get trapped in an endless loop of crashes. You just need to go to the trouble of installing iOS beta 11.3, which addresses the problem, along with all current betas of macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

While an iOS 11.3 update has already been in the works, this fix for the iMessage app will come before the rollout of iOS 11.3.