No end in sight for worst flu season in recent memory

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"People who receive the flu vaccine tend to recover from the flu quicker". The vaccine provided 59 percent protection against H3N2 in children 8 and younger. Studies in those two countries showed the vaccine only prevented 10 percent or 17 percent of H3N2 cases.

The CDC said they believe in the USA, a better indicator is the vaccine's effectiveness past year.

The flu vaccine is doing a poor job protecting against the bug that's causing most illnesses, however.

Adults with flu can spread the virus one day before symptoms appear to approximately one week after. Recommendations vary depending on your age and disease, but people who are more vulnerable to a flu complication because of a pre-existing health problem may benefit from the added protection of the vaccine. Among the 54 whose vaccination status was known, 74 percent had not been vaccinated.

Are your children already vaccinated for the flu?

There were two child deaths from flu-related illnesses in MA during the last flu season, according to DPH. Approximately 3,440 hospitalizations have been reported since flu season began. That data will come later. Typically, about half of all Americans get the shot before the season ends. The CDC's midseason estimates of vaccine effectiveness against H1N1 is 67 percent and against B viruses 42 percent. "Each year we work hard to predict which strains will be circulating", she told a news conference.

The CDC tested the now approved antiviral medications oseltamivir (brand name Tamiflu), peramivir (Rapivab) and zanamivir (Relenza Diskhaler) against the now circulating flu strains. Flu strains mutate every year. Some are stronger for older people with weaker immune systems and some are made using newer technology.

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"There is still time".

Flu shots cost $25.

Until last week, the dominant flu virus in Arkansas was H3N2, a type A virus that usually causes more illness than other viruses and mutates faster, making vaccines less effective against it.

Talk to their healthcare provider (call first) if they think they have the flu, especially if they have health concerns that make them more likely to develop severe illness when sick with the flu. 63 children have died so far - 10 in the week of February 2nd alone.

Health officials are urging everyone to get the flu vaccination.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, flanked by officials including the surgeon general, the head of the Food and Drug Administration and the acting head of the CDC, noted that he, his wife and children had been vaccinated and said "so has President Trump".

"It gets worse. The death toll in future weeks is expected to grow even higher because flu activity is still rising - and the number of deaths follow the flu activity", Fortune reported.