Empty your wallets: The Steam Lunar New Year sale has begun

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Steam's latest update has made changes to the Steam Wishlist. Valve is holding a Lunar New Year Sale, which has discounts on many games and runs through February 19. Now you can sort your wishlist by genre, tag, price, and whether it's on sale or not. We know from past Steam sales that recent game launches generally don't get discounts. Add these filters together, and it's now possible to quickly find an RPG you're interested in that's below a certain price threshold.

Many players have reported that they find a promising game now in Early Access that they want to keep track of, but aren't interested in buying until the game has transitioned to full release. Specifically, the new wishlist makes it possible to filter out all Early Access games, should you be the kind of person who'd rather wait for Version 1.0, and it's likewise possible to hide games that have a Steam page but aren't now available to purchase. For instance, wishlists can be filtered between games that are less than $10, less than $5, or less than the user's Steam Wallet balance. That doesn't appear to be reflected in the quality of the price drops, however, as you can get some very nice deals right now. However, this feature is not available for games with multiple purchase options, such as deluxe or complete editions, in case a user accidentally purchases the wrong package. So we added the release date to each Wishlist item along with a filter option to hide unreleased games until they become available.

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Also, games can now be added to the cart straight from the Wishlist without needing to visit their store pages.

As always, Valve is looking for feedback on the new changes as well as suggestions on new features to add for the user experience.