Quirky Valentine's Day gift lures Rocky lovers

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According to McKinley, this language can also carry over to plants that can be implemented on Valentine's Day.

That may be because lovers are spending most of their money trying to connect with each other rather than on the gifts that typically signify the day. We have got lilies, mixed flowers, pink roses, balloons, teddy bears, chocolates. The flowers are competitively priced and whatever the business does make on sales, 25-percent of the profits go to a good cause.

Florists at The Fresh Flower market in Aurora put the petals to the metal as Valentine's Day approaches. The organization has conducted this annual survey annually over the past 15 years.

"They like the love songs", Murphy said.

Looking for some love to give on Valentine's Day? "What worked last year may not work this year".

"I probably wouldn't know that I'm going to run out until Tuesday, and then it's too late to get them", she said.

Best wishes on Valentine's Day

Hirst said Baraboo Floral hires four additional staff for the days leading up to Valentine's, and doesn't stop there.

"We have to constantly monitor minimum and maximum temperature exposure throughout the entire routing process, and we have to meet very specific requirements to help ensure every flower's freshness is properly preserved", said David Vance, American's vice president of cargo operations.

Monday represented the calm before the storm, which will roll in Tuesday. It's no longer left until the last minute, as the majority (32%) of Valentine's purchases in South Africa are made on the 11th February. "That's when the phones will be ringing off the hook", Hirst said.

The Mastercard Love Index reports that Kenyans are willing to dig deeper into their pockets to make their partners happy with spending related to travel increasing by 90 percent in 2017, accounting for 28 percent of total spend during Valentine's Day, with online transactions happening more frequently.

While love will be in the air elsewhere, stress will descend on Baraboo's flower shops. "You don't have to water them and they're absolutely lovely".

The most unusual request was when someone brought in a portable heater to be delivered with a bunch of flowers.

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