Ryan: White House should condemn domestic violence

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House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Wednesday the revelations were a sign of a "breakdown in the system".

The White House's story about who knew what when about accusations of domestic violence against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter has been anything but clear.

"They clearly have work to do to fix their vetting system", he said.

UPDATE (10:30 a.m.): On Wednesday, Gowdy sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly asking for information about the White House's security clearance process and what information about Porter officials had when the decision was made to grant Porter a temporary one.

The former White House aide has been accused of spousal abuse by two of his ex-wives.

Porter has said the allegations are false.

The investigation was launched hours after Wray contradicted the White House by telling a Senate committee Tuesday that the FBI gave the White House a full background report on Porter in July.

The weeklong fallout from the allegations against Porter has thrown the West Wing into chaos not seen since the earliest months of the administration and has sparked new rounds of recriminations inside the White House.

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"We do have jurisdiction over the security clearance process - I do not have jurisdiction over the president hires", Gowdy said.

Wray is declining to elaborate on what information was passed on to the White House.

A senior administration official told the AP that that number could be as high as two dozen. The official wasn't authorized to discuss the matter and spoke on the condition of anonymity. "You can call it unofficial", Gowdy said.

Meanwhile, Colbie Holderness, Porter's first wife, pushed back against comments made by presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway that seemed to suggest strong women can't be victims of domestic violence. 'I spent two decades believing them.

Coast said the government needs to "basically start with a clean sheet", using new technologies to weed out those who shouldn't be in government, but in a way that "doesn't leave us with hundreds of thousands waiting to be looked at and certified".

'Who knew what when and to what extent - those are the questions that I think ought to be asked.

Porter was sacked last week after two former wives came forward with allegations that he had abused them during their marriage. "I beg to differ". Porter has denied harming them. "You can't justify that".