Galaxy Note 9 won't feature an in-screen fingerprint scanner

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The report claims the S9 will feature Animoji-style 3D emoji which will mimic users' facial expressions. The 3D emoji reportedly include animal characters that can be shared with friends.

Now that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is being tested by networks ahead of its impending release, there are more ways for it to leak.

The fingerprint scanner will also be moved to below the camera after users complained of smudging their camera lens on the Galaxy S8 (the scanner was to the right of the lens). For that to achieve Samsung might be even ready to pull one of its born-rival, Apple's - Animoji inspired emoticons. Phone Arena believes that the feature might officially be called "3D Stickers".

The next super-smartphone from Samsung is now not announced for a release date but many rumors have led to a common conclusion that the phone will definitely come with a 3D Emoji, to mimic facial expressions, and also dual stereo speakers! The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will debut on February 25.

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Rumors surfaced in October last year suggesting that Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is expected to be launched later this year, could be the company's first flagship smartphone to feature an under-display fingerprint sensor.

The publication also said Samsung hasn't entirely given up on the under-display fingerprint sensor technology. And while the Galaxy S9 unfolds slowly but surely, the Galaxy S8 sees its price fall, and go largely under the bar of € 550 to be a great good plan. Until now it has been placed at the side of the Galaxy camera, often resulting in people smudging their lens, whereas now, the S9 will have the fingerprint reader below the camera. According to SamMobile we can expect Dolby Surround and tuning by Samsung owned AKG.

One major way Samsung is improving its emoji library, aside from the much-needed redesigns, has come from changing to align more closely with the competition.