Apple says DON'T fear about leaked source code - experts say DO

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However, it being an inherent software engineering process where existing codes have always originated or have evolved from codes in the past, hacking or such misadventure owing to the leak can't be ruled out entirely. "Not open-source" The code was uploaded to GitHub by a user account known as "ZioShiba".

Mr Kays said that Apple has taken important steps to improve the protection of its products "so users of its latest devices don't need to be unduly concerned by the release of the iBoot firmware".

Apple directed Github to remove the code since all codes are kept private to ensure consumer's privacy.

Which, to the layman, seems like a big deal - but Apple says the source code that was leaked is outdated, meaning newer versions wouldn't be affected.

It said it always encouraged customers to keep up to date with operating system upgrades. In summary, it is the program that loads iOS, and is the first program that runs when an iOS device is booted up.

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Motherboard is out today with a follow-up on how Apple's iBoot source code was leaked.

It is reported that Apple has in the past been reluctant to release source code to the public, although it has made certain parts of iOS and MacOS open source in recent years. However, as a precautionary measure, the company has removed the code from GitHub via a DMCA takedown notice. A second security researcher also said they believe the code is real. The good news is that this leak could help the jailbreaking developers to have access to modifications in the deepest corners of the system, so it means we could tweak it some more!

The code leaked onto GitHub claims to be designed for iOS 9 but much of it is likely to be found in iOS 11, making the leak potentially unsafe to Apple's mobile software.

Apple has played down fears that leaked source code from an old version of its iOS operating system could compromise the security of some products. As is now evident, it was within just hours of the revelation of the code that Apple has sent a legal notice requesting immediate removal of the same.

Only time will tell whether or not something will come from the leak many tech professionals are calling "the biggest leak in history".