Canada PM Trudeau says 'peoplekind' remark was bad humor

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British commentator Piers Morgan accused Trudeau of "virtue-signalling" - the act of showing off one's own moral virtue to impress others - his feminist beliefs in an opinion piece for the British Daily Mail.

Lighthizer has said the Trump administration's goal is to boost the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States, either by encouraging new investment or by bringing back jobs that had moved to Mexico.

The pitching begins in Chicago, where Trudeau will deliver a keynote speech today at the University of Chicago and participate in a discussion with David Axelrod, former US president Barack Obama's chief election strategist.

Amazon plans to spend up to $5 billion USA on its second headquarters, which it says will create 50,000 new high-paying jobs.

His original comment came during a town hall meeting in Edmonton on Friday, at the conclusion of a longwinded question from an audience member.

"We as a world right now ... have an very bad lot to learn from you, from your approach, from your dynamism, but also your willingness to challenge the way things have always been done", Trudeau said.

LeBron James reacts to Dwyane Wade trade from Cavaliers to Heat
Wade returning to South Florida to presumably end his career wearing his true colors is, just as Carmelo Anthony said, only right. He has played 46 games with the Cavaliers averaging 11.2 points. "This is definitely a playoff team", Wade said.

Trudeau, who gave a 35-minute unscripted speech before taking questions from Axelrod, instead focused on the shared benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has threatened to scrap.

Trudeau maintained that over the more than two decades that NAFTA has been in place, the American economy has also added 33 million net new jobs, which is nearly the entire population of Canada, some 36 million.

Not unlike Obama, Trudeau's progressive policies make him an easy punching bag for the USA right.

Trudeau is also expected to meet with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He noted the two nations' economies are so interlinked that Canada wants a good deal with the U.S.

And even though the woman herself later said she wasn't offended at all by Trudeau's remark, that didn't stop people from absolutely ripping him to shreads on Twitter. "And being firm on that is, I think, what Canadians expect of me".

Stephen Miller, a contributor, also joined in at taking a swipe at the Canadian Prime Minister's original fun-natured comment by drawing attention to Axelrod's use of the pronoun, "He".