Afghan Officials Welcome US Raids On Taliban

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"It's there if we need it", said Air Force Maj.

Hecker said the annihilation of these training facilities prevents insurgents from planning terrorist attacks near Afghanistan's border with China and Tajikistan.

Continued U.S. strikes disrupt Taliban support networks in Helmand province, as well as destroy their sources of revenue such as illegal narcotics.

The United States has launched a new air campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan, dropping a record number of precision guided bombs on their targets over the past 24 hours, the USA military announced on Tuesday.

The bombing has been carried out over the past four days in Badakhshan province's Wurduj district, said Navy Capt. Tom Gresback, a US military spokesman in Kabul.

The guided munitions destroyed stolen Afghan National Army vehicles that were in the process of being converted to auto bombs, according to the US Air Force.

"The Afghan boys continue to carry the load for the fighting but now with advisors that bring the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation air support and fire support help them", US Defense Secretary James Mattis said.

As a taste of what is to come, a B-52 dropped 24 precision-guided bombs this week on Taliban training camps in northern Afghanistan.

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The decree gives the government sweeping powers to make arrests, search and seize property, and restricts freedom of assembly. Dunya is former Maldivian foreign minister and daughter of the now incarcerated former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom .

At least 10 militants of Afghanistan's Taliban insurgent group have surrendered and joined the peace process in eastern Nangarhar province.

"During these strikes, a U.S".

"While U.S. air power is destroying Taliban support elements in the deep fight, Afghan A-29 [Super Tucanos] and MD-530 helicopters provide quick, lethal support to Afghan ground forces in the close fight", Hecker said.

The Washington Post reported that the B-52s are not based in Afghanistan - instead flying from Al Udeid air base in Qatar, which is just south of Bahrain.

During the same offensive in November, the Air Force sent the F-22 on its first operational mission against the Taliban.

Tolo News quoted Nangarhar National Directorate of Security (NDS) on Wednesday as saying, "the group was involved in destructive and terrorist activities in Khogyani district".

"The Taliban can not win on the battlefield, therefore they inflict harm and suffering on innocent civilians", Nicholson said. That set a record for the largest number of guided weapons dropped from a B-52 and followed the Air Force installing rotary launchers on the bombers over the past few years, the news release said. "All they can do is kill innocent people and destroy what other people have built".