Google Readying Codename 'Yeti' Game Streaming Service, Possible Standalone Console

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"Yeti also includes a hardware controller that's used to play the games, developed by Google's hardware team", the report from The Information reads. The company owns Android and Chromecast - both massively popular, low-cost, and accessible platforms for gaming - and it owns YouTube, the preeminent platform for pre-recorded gaming videos and a growing destination for Twitch-style live-streaming as well.

There are still a lot of unknowns surrounding Yeti, but even so, what would you like to see from a Google-made gaming console? The company is developing a subscription-based game streaming service that could work either on Google's Chromecast or possibly a Google-made console still being developed, according to people with knowledge of the project.

An early iteration of Yeti was created to work with the Chromecast TV streaming stick, according to a person familiar with the project and another person who was briefed about it.

According to those sources, the game streaming service will be subscription-funded - similar in that respect to GeForce Now or PlayStation Now - as well as cloud-based.

Google is quite the ambitious company and loves to experiment with different products and services.

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Is this a Chromecast console?


Reports are circulating that claim that Google is working on a game streaming service that would work in a similar way to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Essentially, it appears that hardware will be an Android TV-style device (like the Nvidia Shield) that relies on streaming games from the Play Store rather than downloads. Will it be able to play console and PC titles like Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty?

Well, this is interesting: it may be the case that Google wants to break into the games industry.

One of Google's challenges would be getting game software developers to make titles available for its platform.