PUBG's Anti-Cheat Update Delayed For PC

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From the Battle Royal forums, the company clarified that, despite the delay, they have already blocked the use of ReShade. At that time, a total of 322,000 cheaters had been banned from the game, more than double the number that had been banned in the seven months previous.

Elsewhere, the studio revealed that some players may be required to reinstall PUBG in order to get back into the action. "We have established a dedicated team to focus on combating cheat programs and since our launch on early access, we have been committed to detecting and preventing such programs." the post reads.

"We will be dealing with these cases as soon as possible". If a harmless program is blocked, please report it in this form.

The latest statistic shared by the BattlEye Twitter account is the number of bans during January 2018. Developer PUBG Corp. has been working hard to ensure that cheaters don't spoil the fun for everyone. Just past year, they managed to ban 1.5 million accounts that were all detected to be using third-party software for exploits.

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The PUBG anti cheat solution, named "BattlEye", has stated that over 1 million PUBG bans were carried out during January alone.

PUBG's new anti-cheat update is set to take aim at third-party programs which "modify the gameplay or visuals in an invasive way", which unfortunately includes blocking Steam family sharing and ReShade. We will continue taking firm measures against the developers, distributors and users of cheats.

A new rollout date hasn't been announced yet for the anti-cheating update. You can, after all, get a new copy for not much money. The devs did not indicate why they were banning the graphics post-processor but advise players to uninstall it to continue playing PUBG. Do you think China should be region-locked?