Counter-Strike Co-Creator Arrested For Sexual Exploitation of a Child

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It can be played on computers and video game consoles.

Seattle police have arrested Jess Cliffe, co-creator of Valve's incredibly popular Counter-Strike online shooter, over the alleged sexual exploitation of a child. Cliffe has not been charged with a crime and is expected to have a bail hearing Friday afternoon. He's known as the voice of Counter-Strike, voicing the phrase "Counter-Terrorists Win!" and countless other VO in the game. For now, Valve says it has suspended Cliffe while the investigation is underway. It is unknown if his employment will continue once details regarding his arrest are officially confirmed.

"We are still learning details of what actually happened", the firm told Kotaku. Meanwhile, after the incident was brought into the light, gaming giant Valve, who is the employer of Jess Cliffe has stated that his employment is now suspended until they get to know more about the case.

KIRO 7 reported that while the nature of Cliffe's arrest is not known, charges of these kinds are typically related to the creation of child pornography.

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Police have yet to officially comment on the matter and it has not been revealed if any child was harmed by Cliffe.

After further development of the original mod, Valve officially released Counter-Strike as a standalone title by the year 2000. Jess Cliffe continued to work for the company while Minh Le finally left in 2006.

Cliffe, who was placed on leave from Valve Corporation where he worked as a designer, allegedly met a girl on, a website that "delivers a new way for relationships to form and grow", according to the site.