Intel CEO suggests chip issue may cause bigger slowdown

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That's according to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, speaking at a Monday night keynote to kick off the CES industry conference in Las Vegas.

Particularly galling for many was the news that a number of huge industry names were in the know, but had chosen to resolve the problem and then release the news en masse, as a damage limitation exercise.

Though Meltdown and Spectre are industry-wide problems affecting chip companies like ARM and Intel, plus operating-system vendors, browser makers, and cloud-computing companies, Intel has been the face of the issue.

Spectre and Meltdown are three variants of a side-channel analysis security issue in server and PC processors, which could potentially enable hackers to access protected data. "The primary focus of our discussions (on this issue) is to keep our customers data safe". Intel is also partnering with NavInfo, a mapping firm also based in China.

January 9 was originally meant to be the day that the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws were to be publicly disclosed, but media speculation led to a January 3 disclosure of the critical flaws.

Addressing artificial intelligence, Krzanich showcased how companies are using Intel's technology to transform their businesses through AI.

The technology was originally used to capture and deliver high-definition 3D content from sporting events. While the earlier models were all about storing this data as a static commodity, now the data will move all around us at unimaginable speeds, Krzanich said.

CES 2018: Intel announces 'major breakthrough' in quantum computing chip

So the company had a lot more on show, from Mobileye cars that drive on their own to Volocopter's autonomous choppers.

Intel will branch out soon.

His CES comments were also less emphatic than Intel's public statements from last week in downplaying the possibility of performance hits from the patches, although that lack of emphasis could have been simply an effort to get on with the main keynote.

Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 using Intel True VR technology.

The chip is part of Intel's attempt to reinvent itself. The past week has been the most discordant for Intel in a while, but data-only band Algorithm helped them chipmaker start-off with all the right notes at the world's largest tech show. By using these quantum chips, Intel and others believe that they can solve problems of much higher complexity than traditional silicon microprocessors-though Intel and its rivals have invested billions in continually improving those chips.

IBM, one of Intel's chief rivals, has developed a 50-qubit chip that it reportedly brought to CES. Krzanich called it a major breakthrough and the next step to "quantum supremacy".

Two months after delivery of a 17-qubit superconducting test chip, Intel has now unveiled "Tangle Lake", a 49-qubit superconducting quantum test chip.

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