USA warns its citizens to be cautious while traveling to India

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The destination made an appearance for the first time in a U.S. State Department travel warning in August and responded with an aggressive and multipronged security action plan, which includes the construction of a marine base that is due to open next year and an expanded surveillance network. The department gave these Mexican states a 4-rating because they are areas where there is a plethora of drug cartel activity, which is either drug trafficking routes or large-scale drug-crop farming.

The latest classifications place half of Mexico's 31 states under Level 3 or 4 warnings.

Agency officials announced a new numbered classification system for world travel on Wednesday, replacing a confusing array of "travel alerts" and "travel warnings" found on its website.

The US State Department has warned Americans to exercise increased caution in India due to crime and terrorism and to avoid going to Jammu and Kashmir except the Buddhist-dominated region of Ladakh.

"Do not travel due to crime", it states.

"Because our personnel's safety is at risk, and we are unable to identify the source of the attacks, we believe USA citizens may also be at risk and warn them not to travel to Cuba", the travel warning noted. "In the past, there have been large-scale terrorist attacks resulting in hundreds of casualties", it said.

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However, the State Department offers no warnings for popular tourist hotspots such as "Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Chapala, and Ajijic". They require a one-time waiver explaining why they need to go. Personal travel by land and to the resort city of Acapulco had already been prohibited.

According to the advisory, family members can not accompany US government employees who work in Afghanistan while unofficial travel by US government employees and their family members is restricted and requires prior approval from the US State Department.

Tamaulipas has always been riven by turf wars between rival drug cartels, and Sinaloa is home to the cartel of the same name.

The country in general may have suffered its deadliest year of murders in 2017, according to preliminary figures, the BBC reports.

Michelle Bernier-Toth, acting deputy assistant secretary for Overseas Citizens Services, told reporters that while the system has changed, the way that the USA assesses the threat level has not changed.

Though the government's cautions remain largely the same as they were under the previous system of travel warnings and alerts, the numerical approach is new. The advisories will be updated every several months, Bernier-Toth said.