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Spider-Man’s Web Shooters: 15 Things You NEVER Knew

Monday, May 1st, 2017:

Since the character’s debut in Marvel’s “Amazing Fantasy” #15″ in 1962, Spider-Man’s handy web shooters have been one of the wall-crawling hero’s most iconic gadgets. It’s natural to picture Spidey effortlessly zipping between New York City skyscrapers nabbing criminals, but the web shooters themselves have a long and surprisingly storied past. RELATED: Spider-Man’s Most Amazing Gadgets “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is certainly not the first film adaptation to feature them. In fact, Spidey never fails to produce a unique or revamped model when the times call for one. Throughout the character’s publication and media history, Spider-Man has made it a point to constantly […] Read More →

Sky’s the limit for Irish in Middle East aviation sector

Monday, May 1st, 2017:

According to forecasts from Moody’s, the region is set to be the fastest-growing in the world for the airline industry in 2017. This is despite weak oil prices slowing economic growth in key Gulf states. In December 2016, Boeing announced that the Middle East’s commercial aviation industry will need an additional 92,000 cabin crew, 58,000 pilots and 66,000 technicians over the next two decades. While the mega-carriers have strong in-house capabilities, there are opportunities for Irish companies to provide niche solutions. Equally, opportunities with the region’s smaller national airlines and new low-cost carriers, such as Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and […] Read More →

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