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Mexican Cancer Clinics Offer Alternative Cancer Treatments

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017:

Cancer is a disease that terrifies the patient and their families. Years ago cancer was thought to be incurable. But this is not so nowadays. There is hope for cancer patients. Mexicois known for its alternative cancer treatments and many cancer patients are going toMexico for this treatment. The term alternative treatment is a term that means treatment that is not a part of conventional medicine. People who use alternative treatment are required to stop using conventional treatment. Patients who want to use alternative cancer treatment should discuss with their oncologist as the treatment may interfere with conventional treatments like […] Read More →

Metropolitan Museum’s Director Resigns Under Pressure

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017:

The Met said that Mr. Campbell had made the decision to leave the job he has held for eight years. But the circumstances surrounding Mr. Campbell’s planned departure point to his being forced out. Over the last couple of years, despite the museum’s record attendance, much of his original agenda was rolled back because of the museum’s economic difficulties, including a soaring deficit. Photo Daniel W. Weiss, the Met’s president and chief operating officer, will assist the museum’s leadership work on a transition plan while the board begins a search for Mr. Campbell’s replacement. Credit Richard Perry/The New York Times […] Read More →

NBCBLK28: Briana Babineaux: Gospel’s Overnight Wonder –

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017:

Briana (Bri) Babineaux, 22 Gospel Music Artist College student-turned-gospel music success story Briana “Bri” Babineaux came into her celebrity one night in 2015 after a bad breakup. The University of Louisiana student worked through her grief by covering gospel singer Tonéx’s new standard, “Make Me Over.” Already a popular song, Babineaux’s version of the piece was recorded and posted on YouTube. Within hours, the video had gone viral. Within weeks she was covering other songs by request. Within a year, Bri garnered some 400,000 Instagram followers. Today she is one of gospel’s newest faces and freshest voices. Nominated for three […] Read More →

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