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As Windows laptops add LTE, is now the right time for Apple to finally do it? [Poll] – 9 to 5 Mac

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017:

Apple has been toying with LTE-enabled MacBooks for many years. It even created a prototype MacBook Pro with a SIM slot and cellular antenna way back in 2007. These days, doing so would be far neater, the latest Apple patent showing how the antenna could be hidden within the hinge mechanism, and an embedded virtual SIM could eliminate the physical one illustrated above. While the company has so far argued that using an iPhone’s WiFi hotspot or carrying an iPad provide plenty of options for mobile Internet use, the threat of competition from LTE-capable Windows laptops might just provide the nudge needed […] Read More →

Why liberal politics is no answer to prevent the disappearances of … –

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017:

One of the most common liberal responses to the excesses committed by the powerful in Pakistan is to call for people to ‘speak out’. This familiar refrain, voiced often in the aftermath of the January disappearances of liberal activists, is in most cases understandable and necessary. In the context of a society like Pakistan’s where critical speech and political outspokenness can be a death sentence, speaking truth to power is vital to break the grip of fear and expand the sphere of political possibility. However, in light of the recent abductions and the vicious, coordinated campaign to malign the activists, […] Read More →

Love the self – so others will love you (or – How to save your marriage from yourself)

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017:

When we don’t love ourselves We fear not being loved by others. We also tend to keep our distance from others, Or react to them, seeing them as separate, Thereby keeping them at a distance And keeping love at a distance also Leaving ourselves feeling wounded – by others.   When we recognise that by loving self And seeing love and loving in others, We empathize with both self and others, And support our ability to role reverse We then see both their pain, and ours. With insight comes understanding and acceptance.   By loving self, no matter what the […] Read More →

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