15-year-old makeup artist incorporates tiny celebrities into her eye makeup

(Picture: Twitter/@emilyslooks)

Emily Oliver is only 15 years old, but she’s already making her mark on the beauty scene. 

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When Emily, who’s a student from Portland, Oregan, is not studying, she’s spending her time creating some stunning eye makeup looks featuring some iconic stars.

While she’s no stranger to a rainbow look or a little bit of glitter, Emily has been focusing her time on creating intricate designs of the celebrities she finds most inspiring on the outer corner of her eye.

Emily tells Metro.co.uk that she’s been doing creative makeup for around four months, having only started wearing mascara in 7th grade – which she says she doesn’t count as ‘doing makeup’.

She said: ‘I learned how to do my creative makeup all by myself.

‘I’m self taught, and will likely keep it that way. I learned the skill of creative makeup after I had been drawing and painting for years, but I hadn’t loved art on a canvas, I enjoyed it more on my face.’

While she’s managed to incorporate the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna, Emily’s eyes have also featured other names such as social media influencers Bretman Rock and Jackie Aina.

Using eyeshadow and liners, Emily has managed to apply so much realistic detail to her makeup looks that you can see which celebrity she’s wearing a mile off.

Most recently, she has been posting her looks to her Twitter account, where each look has taken off, receiving thousands upon thousands of likes.

Emily’s Rihanna look is absolutely stunning

(Picture: Twitter/@emilyslooks)


But nobody looks better on an eye than Queen Bey

(Picture: Twitter/@emilyslooks)


Alongside those huge names, Emily has featured social media icon Bretman Rock

(Picture: Twitter/@emilyslooks)


Here’s her gorgeous Norvina look

(Picture: Twitter/@emilyslooks)


YouTuber Jackie Aina looks perfect in pink

(Picture: Twitter/@emilyslooks)


While Jaclyn Hill has been given a…

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