10 Questions with… Chris Duffey, strategic development manager, Creative Cloud Adobe

The Drum seeks out and talks to some of the most interesting people working in the global media and marketing sector in an effort to get to know them better. This week The Drum speaks to recent Adobe recruit, Chris Duffey on tech, his favorite piece of creative and his grand dad.

Chris Duffey

What was your first ever job?

My first job was as an art director intern at Leo Burnett in Chicago, at 35 Wacker Drive during what felt like the coldest winter ever. That wind that blew off of Lake Michigan tore into my soul. But the projects I had a chance to work on at Leo Burnett touched me equally as deep. It was while working on Nintendo in the late 90’s that I realized that creativity and software can create profound, inspiring and magical experiences for audiences through playful interfaces.

Why did you get into this industry?

I studied and I’m a fan of the history of art. One of my favorite pieces of art is Las Meninas. The BBC called this painting ‘the world’s first photobomb’. it is the first known royal commission in which the artist appeared in the painting. Essentially, Diego Velazquez was making a statement that creative artists and thinkers are royalty as well, because of their powerful ability to influence culture like no other. That always stuck with me and inspired me to get into advertising. Creativity is at the heart of our industry and creativity will always be the driving force of business and brand transformation.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

“Find a way or make one” was some great advice I received early on and it’s been a guiding principle ever since. Nothing beats doing. The key to success is truly in creation and experimentation.

What is the coolest thing you have seen in the last year in advertising?

I recently gave a talk at Cannes Lions Innovation on ‘AI-Enhanced Creativity’ discussing how technology-driven innovation such as Adobe Sensei will push forward game-changing creative with AI and machine…

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